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Imagine you’re trying to sell your home but it lacks street appeal. A house that suffers from an ugly or unusable frontage will not get top dollar. With real estate success story Mike Pero, and top landscape designer Justin Newcombe leading the charge, the Full Frontage team are here to help to transform front yards around New Zealand from worst house on the street to number one on the block.

After Mike gives a realistic appraisal of the property in its current state – Justin designs an innovative makeover plan that will dramatically improve the street appeal and help the owners to get the best possible sale price.

Working with a budget of up to $20,000 per property Justin’s makeover will include practical know how, step by step process and top tips, advice and technique. The series covers painting, planting, landscaping, lighting, fencing, minor repairs and small building projects.

In each episode the home owners become engaged in the project and assist in the transformation which offers learning opportunities for both the home owner and viewers as the host and experts impart valuable information and hands on instruction.

Episode 1

This week landscape designer Justin Newcombe makes over the front of a 1950’s architecturally designed home. Homeowner Lorraine is ready to downsize and sell but the challenge facing Justin is how to turn an open-to-the-world front yard into an inviting, more private outdoor living area. Solutions include a revolutionary tiling system, a double layer fence, screens made out of macrocarpa sleepers and new plants.

Episode 2

A young couple have bought another house but first they have to sell their existing home. The only problem is the front yard is a mess and lets down the whole property. Fortunately landscape designer Justin Newcombe and the Full Frontage team have a plan. Solutions include a bold new fence, expansive lawn and an exciting

Episode 3

Mark and Linda’s property has been lovingly renovated over the past 8 years but before their property can go to market the front yard desperately needs a facelift. That’s where landscape designer, Justin Newcombe and his Full Frontage team step in. Solutions include include constructing a new fence, laying a block wall, planting a new garden, lawn design, building a gate and cascading steps, and making the most of old pavers to create an exciting outdoor living area.

Episode 4

The Broxholme family have outgrown their home and want to sell but they have no hope of attracting buyers with their existing front yard. It’s a concrete wasteland and the house doesn’t have a front door. Fortunately landscape designer Justin Newcombe and the Full Frontage team have an exciting plan that will bring the property to life and excite potential buyers. Solutions include a new front door, planter boxes and a vertical wall, news steps and a sure to stand out letterbox. plant design and new paths and lawn.