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With property prices rising faster than any year since 2007, Sarah Beeny is back with Double Your House for Half the Money – the show about people making their homes bigger and better in eye-wateringly ambitious and inspiring ways, for a fraction of the cost of moving.

Each will be taking on ambitious projects with the hope of improving their lifestyles.  But will they be able to create their dream home for a fraction of the cost of buying a new one or end up losing money?

Episode 1

In Essex, she meets Ian and Claire who hope to double the size of their four-bed property and make it a multi-generational home, with separate floors for their parents, their children and themselves. But with eight family members each having a say, it proves a challenging build from the beginning right until the end.

Sarah also meets Paul and Mimi who moved away from London after the riots. They’re now settled in Great Bowden, Leicestershire …. a village with beautiful period properties…the problem is – their eyesore of a sixties home was the only property they could afford.

Episode 2

In Saltdean on the Sussex coast Sarah meets Paul and Ryan, who have moved to the area to live out their dream of seaside living. Their project is to create a towering coastal house that offers spectacular views of the sea and surrounding countryside. The only problem is the property they’re hoping to create this from is a bungalow…with no views at all. Sarah also meets Drachan, Susan and their four children, who moved away from London in search of the rural good life a year ago. They settled in the picturesque Buckinghamshire village of Great Missenden. All that’s left to now make their dream complete is to create the perfect property…a project that will be managed by first-timer Susan…remotely from Ireland.

Episode 3

In Kent, she meets Dr. Tabitha Rawlinson and husband IT consultant Paul, who want to double the size of their small country cottage after it was destroyed by a fire in the 70’s. Making more space for all the family is the priority but the couple are faced with the challenges of living with their young family on site, a relentless oak beam issue, and endless supply issues. Sarah also meets Jim and Partner Elaine who want to update their uninspiring 1960’s semi to blend with the surrounding rural area and make room for their growing family- the only problem is Jim only has a miniscule budget on which to do it and a looming deadline before daughter number three arrives.

Episode 4

In Sheffield, Sarah meets Russ and Jen Hunt, who are desperate to have a larger family. Unfortunately their new-build is too cramped already with just the one child. Unable to afford the move to a larger home the couple are embarking on their first ever extension project.

In the village of Radlett, Sarah also meets Adam and Laura Margolis and their two children. The family sold their four-bed house and bought a bungalow after Adam, who suffers from MS, found climbing up stairs impossible. They now face the challenge of adapting the property to make it disability-friendly whilst extending it so there’s room for everyone.

Episode 5

Sarah meets Candida Gubbins in London who wants to dig down beneath her 2-bed flat to create a whole new floor.  She’s spending her inheritance, and project managing herself, and it’s giving her sleepless nights.  Can Sarah help her deal with her build and her fears, and persuade her to go bigger and bolder?

In Wolverhampton, Sarah also meets Jay and Stephen who want to bring Kardashian style to the massive extension they are planning.  They’re estate agents but have never done a project before and despite their taste for bling, they have a modest budget, young kids, and a daily battle to keep the building site from invading their living space.

Episode 6

In Essex, Nina Osborne and her family, all want to live together in the house that Nina’s Granddad built forty years ago. Trouble is Granddad’s house is a time capsule and not meant to house three generations

Sarah also meets big-hearted couple Jamie who has Cerebral Palsy and Shital who needs the permanent use of a wheelchair, who relocated from London to Sheffield in search of a property they can transform not just for themselves, but also for Shital’s disabled brother and elderly mother to live with them.

Episode 7

In Fleckney, Leicestershire, Sarah meets Steve and Hannah, first-time renovators who have recently bought a dilapidated nineteen seventies property with the aim of extending and modernizing it. Steve runs a vending machine business from home, and his stock is currently taking over the place. They plan a massive extension and top-to-bottom restoration, but with a limited budget it’s a battle to fit in storage for Steve’s business and Hannah’s dream kitchen.

In Buckinghamshire, Sarah also meets newlyweds James and Lucy who want to expand a two-bed rundown into a dream four-bed country cottage. With ambitious plans, no experience of running a build and limited budget, they face delays and bad weather, and news of a baby adds to the pressure to get the build finished.

Episode 8

In a pretty village near Milton Keynes, Sarah Beeny meets Russell and Karmel, who are expecting child baby 2, and who live in a tiny 100 year old cottage on a very steep hill.  The couple have only £50,000 but big plans to extend and refurbish into a spacious modern family home.  Sarah worries that their hillside location may present building challenges and their budget is not big enough.  Soon after starting work, their extension has to be put on hold when they discover dangerous cracks in the retaining wall supporting the next-door house above theirs. The cost of building a new one is very expensive, and the family’s project is placed in serious jeopardy.

In Cardiff in Wales, Sarah also meets Darren and Tracey. They’ve lived in their 3 bed 1930s house for a decade.  With two growing children they want to build a huge wraparound extension to give the whole family some much needed extra space. They’re putting 10 years of hard earned savings into the build and project manager Tracey is determined not to go a penny over their £80,000 budget

Episode 9

In Birmingham Sarah has her work cut out helping businessman Paul, teacher Andrea and their growing family that need a growing home. Paul plans a double height extension, but to afford it he is taking a huge gamble. He has to build the whole structure first for just £25k – and only then can he get the next £25k he needs to finish its interior and make it liveable.

In Little Addington, Northamptonshire, Sarah also meets IT manager Joe and stay-at-home mum Sarah who have a 75K budget. Joe grew up in this village and was desperate to move back. They bought a sixties bungalow which came with the potential to develop a lower ground floor. They plan a cutting edge look, but with problems digging down, they need Sarah Beeny’s help to keep the dream on track.

Episode 10

In Altrincham, Greater Manchester, Sarah meets writer Marnie and husband Christian. They aspire to own an art deco 1930s house, but could only afford a 1950s wreck.  It is too small, too rundown and Marnie believes it is giving her severe health problems. The family want Sarah’s help extending and modernising, but they need money from a book deal to be able to move out during the build, and get Marnie away from the dust.

In Knebworth, Hertfordshire, Sarah also meets Suzanne and Av, who run businesses from home and need to expand their two up two down to create more space for their piles of paperwork and his tools, not to mention their two boys and their toys. Av is hoping the build won’t get in the way of his job, but they only have a £50k budget and from day one problems arise. Can Sarah help stop the budget from haemorrhaging?

This week's episode

Episode 10

In Altrincham, Greater Manchester, Sarah meets writer Marnie and husband Christian. They aspire to own an art deco 1930s house, but could only afford a 1950s wreck.  It is too small, too rundown and Marnie believes it is giving her severe health problems.