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Master designer and carpenter Paul Lafrance is rescuing do-it-yourselfer’s outdoor catastrophes one deck at a time. Paul and his cutting edge crew save the day when well-intentioned homeowners try to revamp their outdoor spaces often without the proper skill and know-how. From demolition to design, he’ll give these weekend warriors the tools they need to succeed as he helps them restore their outdoor spaces, and their pride.

Episode 1 – The deck Lucia hates

Lucie and Darren have a heritage property they love, but a deck that Lucie can’t stand. Darren built the deck with some friends 20 years ago, but hasn’t been able to maintain it. After one of their friends put their foot through a “soft” spot in the deck last summer, Lucie decided she needed to call in some help. Through some tough love, and a lot of laughs, Paul and his crew help Darren take his deck from disaster to dream.

Episode 2 – The deck Jenn hates

Jenn and Dave are newlyweds that have lived together for two years. Their house holds huge sentimental value for the couple since Dave proposed to Jenn on the front step the day they moved in. What Jenn is not sentimentally attached to is their deck. With Paul’s help Dave learns the skills he needs to impress his new bride and make this deck a modern masterpiece.

Episode 3 – The deck Natalia hates 

Matt and Natalie are both fire-fighters. One part of their home that Natalie would gladly destroy is their decrepit deck. Matt has tried to “repair” parts of the deck over the years but now he needs to call in the professionals. Paul and his crew arrive just in time to save Matt from his decking mistakes and turn his deck into a point of pride.

Episode 4 – The deck Carrie hates

Carrie and Mike moved into their dream home a few years ago. The house is perfect except for their nightmarish deck. The home is located close to family and Mike is always the one people call when they need help. Carrie decided it was time Mike needed help and called in Paul and the gang to rescue their deck and help make their home complete.

Episode 5 – The deck Amber hates

Tim and Amber moved into their home a few years ago. Along with the house, they inherited a horrible deck that Tim said he would get around to fixing. After living through several years of electrical tape solutions Amber called in the professionals. Paul arrived just in time to teach Tim how to put down the tape and build the deck he always wanted to give Amber.

Episode 6 – The deck Megan hates

Megan and Tim love their house and gorgeous backyard. The only aspect that isn’t gorgeous about their home is the elevated deck Tim built 10 years ago. Tim has tried his best at fixes over the years but this deck is now past its due date. Paul and his crew arrive on the scene and save this DIY builder’s pride and his deck.

Episode 7 – The deck Anne hates

Leo and Anne have a beautiful house and a terrible deck. Leo built the deck 25 years ago, and it’s the epitome of disaster. Leo has tried to patch the deck here and there, but for Anne’s piece of mind it’s time to call in the professionals. Paul and the team have a fantastic time helping this DIY builder start over and create a new dream deck that’s built to last.

Episode 8 – The deck Melene hates

Melene and Laurence have a house they love and a deck that’s seen better days. Laurence and Melene’s family built the deck 10 years ago, but Laurence hasn’t been able to maintain the deck and frankly, doesn’t know where to start. Melene decides it’s time to call in Paul to guide Laurence in the right direction and show him how to finish what he starts.

Episode 9 – The deck Jess hates

Jess and Fred bought their house a few years ago and along with it came someone else’s DIY deck. Fred is a self-proclaimed “non-handyman” and doesn’t know where to start. Fred has tried to do some basic “fixes” on the deck but it was time to call for help. Paul and the gang take this would-be-builder to school and show him how to create an outdoor space his wife loves.

Episode 10 – The deck Cherie hates

Cherie and Corey love to entertain. They have a house with a party-sized deck and a beautiful pool. Unfortunately, the deck has seen one too many parties and isn’t holding up. Corey has tried to fix the deck but his motto is “if it doesn’t fit, kick it.” Cherie thinks it’s time for a new motto and called Paul for help. Paul and the team help this DIY builder bring his deck back into shape.

Episode 11 – The deck Carolyn hates

Michael and Carolyn have a house they love but a deck they’re embarrassed about. Michael is a busy teacher and hasn’t had much time to learn how to fix his disastrous deck. When Michael’s fixes include roping off a portion of the deck instead of fixing the railings, Carolyn decides it’s time for a few lessons. Paul and his crew arrive just in time to teach this teacher how to throw down the rope and build a deck he can be proud of.

Episode 12 – The deck Alicia

Mickey and Alicia are newlyweds whose future happiness is being marred by their horrible deck. Mickey has made attempts to fix the deck, but was a little too optimistic about the marvels of duct tape. Alicia decided they needed an intervention. Paul comes to the rescue in this hilarious episode where he takes away a homeowner’s tape and empowers him with power tools. This deck is soon a space where Alicia and Mickey can spend future evenings safe and splinter-free.

Episode 13 – The deck Roslyn

Roslyn loves Grant, but isn’t thrilled with his deck fixing ideas. This homeowner has some skills, but would rather hang out then deal with his decrepit deck. Paul rescues this DIY’er and keeps him on task while re-building his entire deck. The episode has a lot of solid deck building tips…and some mud baseball too. This procrastinator’s deck soon goes from an embarrassing space to a place his wife absolutely loves.