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LogoYour favourite local arts & craft show is back! Show Me How has endless project ideas that are sure to inspire you. Presenter Gloria Bastos will be at it again with her line up ofcreative  guests who will be guiding you through a series of great arts & crafts. Whether it’s scrap-booking, paper art, sugar art or getting creative with clay and mosaics, this show will show you how its done.

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Episode 1 – Textured Art

Presenter Gloria Bastos is joined by Ajay Jacobs of Ajay’s Art Foundation. And he’ll be showing us that making a master piece doesn’t have to be complicated. First they show how to make a mixed media portrait and then later show how to make water paint portrait of a bird.

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    • By Ajay Jacobs
    • Ajay’s Art Foundation
    • Ajay’s Art Foundation – Ajay (Andre) Jacobs 011 972 8557

Episode 2 – Mosaics

On today’s episode Gloria Bastos is joined by Marina Ehlers of Mosaic Arts. They’ll be taking us through the process of making impressive projects using these beautiful tile pieces. First, Marina shows how to make a project of Africa and then later show how to make a mosaic star tree

Episode 3 – Chalk Paint

On today’s episode of Show Me How Gloria Bastos is joined by Trudie Ayers of Mulberry Lane. And they’ll be introducing us to the benefits of using multi-purpose Chalk paints. First they show us the different techniques that can be achieved using this paint and then later they transform an ordinary chest of draw into something extra-ordinary.

Episode 4 – Fabric Paint

Gloria Bastos is joined by Irina Dias of Brushstrokes Paint Studio and they’ll be exploring the many possibilities of fabric painting. First, Irina will show how to make a wall art hanging with a simple yet beautiful design and then later Gloria will try her hand at using fabric paints to decorate a plain apron.

Episode 5 – Hand Made Cards

Gloria Bastos is joined by Belinda Kangwa of Scrap Book direct and she’ll be sharing interesting techniques of card making. First, she introduces us to the iris technique and makes a card with a 3D effect and then later shows how to make a gift cracker that you can re-use.

Episode 6 – Pewter Heart and Frame

Gloria Bastos is joined by Elize Roodt of Pewter Art Academy and she’ll be showing us how to move a step up using this medium. First they make a head shot design and then later a heart design to add some character to a mould piece.

Episode 7 – Cake Deco with Peter Gyorgicsek

Gloria Bastos is joined by Peter Gyorgyicsek of WizBake and he’ll be showing us how to make some yummy cake deco designs. First, he shows how to make different designs on a cake to add that extra detail and then later shows Gloria how to decorate plain biscuits into beautiful edible delights.

Episode 8 – Scrapbooking with Ann Marie

Gloria Bastos is joined by Anne- Marie Steyn of Scrap-a-doodles and she’ll be showing us how to revive normal decorative items. First they show us how to transfer photo’s onto a wooden surfaces and then how to stencil beautiful designs on glass and ceramics.