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Local crafts guru, Gloria Bastos, is back with an inspiring lineup of artists and crafters, showing us how to channel our creativity.  They’ll teach us a whole host of skills, from creating paper flowers and pewter work to ceramics and chalk paint techniques.

Episode 1 – Paper Flowers

This week on Show Me How, we have a colourful time in studio with Lucinda Markram of Luna Artistry who teaches us the art of creating crepe paper flowers.

Instruction templates and steps:

Episode 2 – Tarn Yarn

This week on Show Me How, we take the art of crotchet to a whole new level. Janice Gutscher of Tarn Yarn SA shows us how to create different household items, such as a homely rug, using this versatile material known as Tarn Yarn.

Episode 3 – Gelli Printing

This week on Show Me How, we get introduced to a fun new craft idea. Linita Kappetijn of Scrapbook Direct shows us the exciting things we can do with gelli printing, from making our own funky to – do list to creating a unique colourful canvas.

Episode 4 – Ideas Journal

This week on Show Me How, Mara Schilacci of Hillcrest Art Supplies helps us create a notebook and gift tags using paper, colourful ink and fun card – making embellishments.

Episode 5 – Chalk Paint Techniques

This week on Show Me How, we take a look at what we can do with chalk based paints. Nadine Vosloo of Paint Master shows us how to re – purpose old bits of furniture to make a studio organizer and a practical storage shelf with a bit of a twist.

Episode 6 – Pewter

This week on Show Me How, we delve deeper into the world of pewter with Yvonne Botha of Mimmic Gallery & Studio. She shows us how to add amazing pewter detail to a wooden clock and a magazine holder.

Episode 7 – Ceramics

This week on Show Me How, Michelle Rees of the SeedPod studio shows us how to paint a beautiful design on our own ceramic tea set and then helps us to customise a kitchen tray using mixed media art.

Episode 8 – Painting on Canvas

This week on Show Me How, we explore painting on canvas. Ajay Jacobs from Ajays Art Foundation teaches us how to use different mediums like acrylic paints, pastels and charcoal to create a single masterpiece.

Episode 9 – Mirror Mosaics

This week on Show Me How, Yuliya Tenditnyk of Gem Glass Mosaic shows us the secret behind making glass mosaics and then we make a stunning mosaic vase and pencil holder.

Episode 10 – Stack n Store (Decoupage drawers)

This week on Show Me How, we take a look at clever stackable storage solutions with Ros Allman of Stack & Store. She shows us how to decorate various items using decoupage techniques.

Episode 11 – Shweshwe

This week on Show Me How, we look at what we can do with Shweshwe fabrics. Jennifer Todd of Spirit sandals & bags shows us how to make some fun items with this vibrant material.

Episode 12 – Finishing Touches to Home Studio

This week on Show Me How, we add some finishing touches to our refurbished Home Studio with Nadine Vosloo of Paint Master.

Episode 13 – Cake Decorating

This week on Show me How, we focus on dazzling cake decorations that would be a hit at any gathering. Ray Esmany of Crystal Candy shows us how to make edible lace and fabric and use them to add style to an ordinary cake. Then, finally, we reveal our revamped home studio!