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Show Me How

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Your favourite local arts & craft show is back! Show Me How has endless project ideas that are sure to inspire you. Presenter Gloria Bastos will be at it again with her line up of creative  guests who will be guiding you through a series of great arts & crafts. Whether it’s scrap-booking, paper art, sugar art or getting creative with clay and mosaics, we’ll show you how its done.

Episode 1 – Card Making

Today’s episode is all about Card Making!

Presenter Gloria Bastos is joined by Linita Kappetijn of Scrapbook Direct. And she’ll be taking us through the interesting world of card making. First they show how to make an impressive Interlocking Heart Card and then later Gloria makes her very own Flowering Tree Card.

Guest contact for web not epg: Linita Kappetijn – Scrapbook Direct 012 347 8361

Episode 2

On today’s episode of Show Me How,

Gloria Bastos is joined by Kim Geyser of K Craft.  Kim will be showing how to use Inks to make statement projects. First, they show how to make an elegant Canvas Birthday Calendar and then later how to use the Ink Dip Dye and Stamping technique to spruce up plain cardboard paper.

Episode 3

T Shirt Yarn

In today’s episode we introduce you to the world of Tarn.

Presenter Gloria Bastos is joined by Megan Bocchi of Tarn SA. And they’ll be showing us the endless possibilities of using T-shirt yarn. Megan will show us how to make a Macramé Wall Hanging and then later Gloria will be guided through making a Crochet bowl using the tarn.