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Property Brothers stars, twin brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott, battle it out on, Brother vs. Brother. Jonathan and Drew each mentor a team of six home improvement experts. Each week, the contestants, who are skilled home renovators and decorators, compete in various challenges to find out if they’ve succeeded in upping the real estate value of the property. Along the way, Drew and Jonathan coach each contestant, but only one will be recognized as the most promising home improvement expert and win the $50,000 grand prize.

Episode 1: Ranch Rematch

Jonathan and Drew battle once again to find the next home improvement expert. This season, ten competitors face fiercer challenges, more surprises and various styles of homes that desperately need renovating. In this premiere episode, each team must makeover a ranch home. Team Drew starts off with a major setback. And Team Drew discovers a renovation nightmare. Both teams race to finish their projects. And in the end,      the losing team receives shocking news.

Episode 2: Cottage Shenanigans

The teams makeover cottage homes, and encounter unexpected challenges. Team Drew gets entangled in budgetary woes, while Team Jonathan takes on too many projects. To add to the pressure, Jonathan and Drew decide to test their teams in new ways. Some team members pass the test, and a handful fail at it.

Episode 3: Craftsman Double Trouble

The competition intensifies as the teams face off in a double elimination challenge – meaning two people from the losing team will go home.  Their challenge is to makeover Craftsman-style homes in three days. Both teams discover these 100-year-old homes are riddled with a variety of structural and hidden problems. The winning team gets closer to $50,000. And the losing team must send two of their own packing.

Episode 4: Modern Colonials

There’s a reshuffle among the teams, which impacts how they rehab the massive Colonial homes.

Episode 5: Battle of the Ranchers

Both teams take on ranch-style homes and encounter setbacks as they fight to the finale.

Episode 6: Tract Homes Showdown

The final four competitors are one tract home away from being crowned the champions.