Beeny’s Restoration Nightmare

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Sarah Beeny, who is famed for the no-nonsense advice she dishes out to first time property developers, has the tables turned – Sarah Beeny is the property developer with one huge problem!

We follow Sarah and Graham, surrounded by their children and builders as they battle to restore their country house to its original magnificence.  They face a race against time with problem after problem. Can they pull it off and be ready for the first wedding booked in for mid-summer?

Episode 1

It’s certainly a grand house set in beautiful countryside, but it’s clearly falling apart. Sarah and Graham give themselves six months and a limited budget to turn it around – to make it fit for weddings. They set about the task but it’s turning out to be much tougher and more costly than they ever imagined.

Episode 2

Sarah and Graham want to turn the 1970s gymnasium – an addition from when Rise Hall was a secondary school – into the venue for the wedding reception. But in its current state it is scarcely romantic and the roof is rotting and leaking. They also want to create master bedrooms in classic Regency, Victorian and Contemporary styles. Meanwhile Sarah and Graham are having problems getting the wedding venue license.

Episode 3

The race to the finish. They’ve got their first couple signed up to be married, but there are still big sections of Rise Hall to be structurally finished, and many rooms to be decorated. There’s a huge chandelier to source and hang and carpets to choose and lay. Can it really be ready on time?

Beeny’s Restoration Nightmare, she and her artist husband Graham Swift are setting out to rescue Rise Hall; a massive, crumbling, thirty-two bedroomed stately home.

Set against the dramatic and picturesque Yorkshire countryside in England, Rise Hall is a spectacular 19th century property steeped in tradition and history which has suffered from decades of neglect.