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5-Ingredient Fix

Grilled Lam and Feta Burgers

Yield: 4 to 6 servings. What really makes this recipe sing:  Allspice is one of those secret weapons in savory foods.  You can’t put your finger on it, but you know ...

Favourite Food

Poached Salmon with Hollandaise Sause

Serves 6 people Ingredients 1.5kg piece of salmon, cut into a section, not a salmon steak, nor filleted Salt Method Choose a saucepan which will just fit the chunk of salmon you have. Half fill ...

Cook Yourself Thin

Moroccan lemon and orange cake

Makes 11 slices Ingredients 2 unwaxed lemons 3 medium free-range eggs 180g fructose sugar (fruit sugar) 80g rice flour 1 tsp baking powder 120g ground almonds For the drizzle 2 tbsp of fructose sugar 1 tbsp of water 50ml freshly squeezed ...


Concrete Garden Chair

What you will need: Pieces of ordinary plywood: 209 x 110mm 117 x 110mm 670 x 110mm 405 x 110mm (you need 2) 695 x 390mm 577 x 390mm 670 x 390mm 620 x 390mm 380 x 390mm 405 x 390mm A ...


Portuguese Bread soup

Serves 4 Ingredients 4-5 cloves of garlic, crushed 50ml olive oil 1bunch of coriander 4-5 slices per person of day old bread Salt to taste 1litre water from boiling the cod fish An egg per person Method Place crushed garlic, ...


Get it Done – Breakfast Tray

Tool List PST 700 E jigsaw PSR 18 cordless drill PSR 10.8 cordless screw driver PSM 160 sander PEX 220 random orbital sander POF 1400 ACE router with round oval router bit Dremel 8200 cordless with green ...


Blackboard Makeover

What you'll need: Material list 16mm chipboard 1500 x 1000 - 1 piece 1000 x 500 - 1 piece 3mm ply wood - 10 pieces 100 x 200 3mm ply wood - 300 x 300 NOTE: we ...


Lemon Pound Cake

Serves 4-6 Ingredients 225g (8 oz) unsalted butter, at room temperature + extra for greasing 225g (8 oz) granulated sugar 225g (8 oz) plain flour 1 tsp baking powder ½ tsp salt 4 large eggs, at room ...