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  What you will need: Tools Matarial List Jig saw 16mm Supa wood PSR 14.4 cordless drill driver Top - 950 mm x 500mm - 2 pieces PSR 18 volt cordless drill driver Top slats, sides ...


Mille feuilles

Ingredients Pastry  400g phyllo pastry (9 sheets) Melted butter Crème patissiere 5ml vanilla extract 1l full cream milk 80g cornflour 160g caster sugar 5 egg yolks Ingredients Topping and Filling: 500ml whipping cream Seasonal fresh fruit (mango, kiwis, Strawberries, mixed berries, ...

5-Ingredient Fix

Orange and Blue Romaine Salad

PREP TIME: 10 COOK TIME: 5 SERVES: 4 Ingredients 2 romaine hearts, halved lengthwise through the core  Lemon flavored olive oil  Kosher salt and freshly cracked black pepper 1/2 cup crumbled blue cheese (recommended: Shropshire)   1 navel orange  1/2 ...

At Home

Roast Fillet of Beef with Red-Wine Glazed Shallots and Horseradish Sauce

This is quite a classic dish — a great combination of flavours. If you want to get a bit of prep done in advance, you can seal the beef fillet ...

Wine rack

Make A Wine Rack

Instructions Tools Jig Saw PLS 300 Jig saw guide PSR 14.4 - 2 Cordless Screw Drivers PSR 18 VLI Cordless drill driver IXO PFS Spray Gun PSB 700 Impact drill Holes saws - I will bring Dremel 8200 for glass ...


Chicken and Lime Lacy Pancakes

Ingredients For the Chicken 4 Chicken Breasts Thyme Ginger Garlic Star anise Mayonnaise Mixed Salad leaves Baby herbs Beetroot sprouts For the Pancakes 1 Cup all purpose flour 2 tbsp Sugar 2 tsp Baking Powder 1 tsp Salt 1 egg 1 cup Milk 2 tbsp Vegetable oil 1 Lemon 2 ...


Tail on Fire Stew

Marinade – You can chop the onion, parsley, oregano, chillies and garlic together in a food processor if you wis Ingredients 2 T parsley finely chopped 2 T garlic finely chopped 2 T oregano ...

Fearless in the Kitchen

Pan-roasted Salmon

I love pan-roasting fish. It’s a great, easy technique to use not only on fish, but poultry and meats. Simply sear the fish over high heat on the stove top ...