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Colin & Justin’s Cabin Pressure II is an unscripted renovation series featuring the hilarious and talented designer duo – Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan. This season it’s clear, they have fallen head over heels in love with Canada’s cottage country, so much so that they want their very own cabin. In season one; they dipped their toes in to test the waters by co-buying a cottage with friends.

This season, they’re buying their own slice of paradise all for themselves. Season II continues to be a classic ‘fish out of water’ story – showing the juxtaposition of these international design sensations / committed urbanites falling over themselves to fit into life ‘up north’. After months of heart-breaking property tours, the pair finally finds a lakefront three-bedroom cottage that’s a diamond in the rough. It needs EVERYTHING, but has unlimited potential.

EPISODE 1 – ‘Real Ugly Estate’

Colin and Justin are at it again. This time purchasing a cottage of their own. They’ve fallen in love with the Haliburton Highlands – a part of Canada’s cottage country named after their Scottish homeland. Though, this time around, the search for the perfect property is more challenging than ever. Realtor Rob has taken the boys on a seemingly never ending tour – over 40 cottages so far! The choice comes down to 3 unique properties and the boys are left weighing the odds. Will they take the gamble on the right one? The pressure’s on!

EPISODE 2 – ‘All Jacked Up’

Colin and Justin’s cottage is on a tilt. A ‘slanty shanty’. To fix this, the cottage needs to be jacked up for a new foundation to be built. All other work on the cottage comes to a standstill in order to get this done. Tensions build as the boys learn that the schedule needs to stretch – as does their budget. To maximize their time, they put their attention toward the shoreline. They remove the old, dingy dock and replace it with a newly designed one – an oasis from the construction chaos at the cottage.

EPISODE 3 – ‘Façade Applaud’

It’s time to replace the entire exterior of the cottage. Siding and windows and doors. Oh my! As Contractor Randy strips away the exteriors, Colin and Justin learn that the bones of the cottage are crumbling. This cottage needs major structural work. They begin to question whether they bought themselves a tear down and should have just started from scratch! The costs are adding up as each new problem is revealed. It’s more than they bargained for but the extra dollars pay off when the new exteriors are revealed.

EPISODE 4 – ‘Fit the Deck’

Colin and Justin want a big deck. Their plan is to have it run around the entire cottage. At the same time a family of landscapers is doing their best to keep up with Colin and Justin’s big plans and small budget. To cut costs and make use of their surroundings, the boys incorporate a unique outdoor fire pit in to the design. After battling bad weather and a seemingly immovable boulder, the landscaping and deck build are complete.

EPISODE 5 – ‘A Guests Night Sleep’

Tired of sleeping for weeks in a hotel, Colin and Justin want to finish their first bedroom and move into their cottage. This move may be delayed though, as they continue to change up the plans on Randy. If they can’t agree on the new plans for the guestroom, the boys will be stuck in hotel hell even longer. After demo disasters and ever-changing plans, the room gets finished with new
floors and wood ceilings as well as warm, welcoming, one of a kind décor – Colin and Justin style. It’s time to move in!

EPISODE 6 – ‘Funkie Bunkie’

It’s ‘uptown bunk you up’ as Colin and Justin create a new bunkie. The designs are set and the bunkie is being built offsite as Randy and the boys prep for its arrival. Though shipping this small house may require a small miracle, as the bunkie appears to be too big for their cottage road. After a rocky delivery and some unruly weather, the boys go to work on finishing the connecting deck and finding décor for this multi room space.

EPISODE 7 – ‘Game of Thrones’

It’s bathroom renovation time. Justin wants a regular toilet. Colin wants to ‘go green’ with a composting toilet. As they explore the options, Randy gets a disturbing surprise when they demo the room. After some stomach turning discoveries, design reigns supreme in this game of thrones!

EPISODE 8 – ‘Here Comes the Sunroom’

Here comes the sun room but there goes the weather as the boys deal with the onset of snow! Colin and Justin’s extravagant plans for an indoor/outdoor space, that will add a full extra room to the cottage, may be stalled by unruly weather. Adding a new timber frame with state of the art windows and doors is no easy feat in these conditions. Not to mention a new roof, stone flooring and décor to bring the outdoors in. The plans for this room may be their biggest undertaking yet.

EPISODE 9 – ‘Be Our Guest’

Colin and Justin begin transforming their second guest bedroom only to find hundreds of dead mice! Randy and the boys are met with even more gruesome discoveries in the demo stage of this room. It needs a complete overhaul so; again, they’re starting from scratch. The room is opened up with the installation of a massive window and a walk out to the wrap around deck. The closet is knocked out and new floors and wood ceiling warm up the space. The design is complete as the boys revamp local antiques and incorporate them in to the finished room.

EPISODE 10 – ‘To the Point’

It’s time to renovate Colin and Justin’s master loft bedroom. It’s about wood floor, wood ceilings and would Colin take Randy’s side for once? As plans continue to change, Randy is more frustrated than ever. After raising the roof and making room for new closets and their ensuite, the boys get custom barn doors installed that add to the wood theme. They mix and match natural materials in the décor as well and seek out the perfect cottage bed.

EPISODE 11 – ‘Dorm and Dormer’

Before building their own ensuite overlooking the treetops, Colin and Justin take in the great outdoors of the Haliburton Highlands with a canopy tour. Meanwhile, the construction team is hard at work on plumbing, tiling and installing a luxurious new heated floor. When faced with breaking some news about the budget, Randy finds out that difficult news goes over surprisingly smoothly when the boys are distracted by Mike, the new painter. Looks like Randy has found a new addition to the team!

EPISODE 12 – ‘A Kitchen to Dine For’

It’s kitchen reno time! The plan is to knock down the dividing wall between the living room and open up the space. The demo begins and surprise – more rodents and decay. Randy powers through and the boys take off for some design inspiration. They visit the local Potter to make some one of a kind pieces, while channeling their inner Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze. Sleek cabinets and hidden appliances are installed and a custom counter top brings the rooms together.
The boys reveal the finished room as they welcome their first cottage guests.

EPISODE 13 – ‘Living the Vida Loca’

Although the end is near, the drama continues in the last room of the cottage – starting from the stairs up. Randy breaks more disappointing news to the boys and, as usual, what was set to be an easy fix, has become a major project. The living room stairs need a complete rebuild. Amongst the construction chaos, the boys get creative and find a way to repurpose a TV antennae that came with the cottage. As the reno comes to a close, Colin and Justin sit back to reflect on their journey. The fire is lit and the drinks are poured – time to relax and enjoy the fruits of their labour!