Colin & Justin’s Cabin Pressure

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Colin & Justin’s Cabin Pressure is back! And this time, the gregarious designers, Colin and Justin, are at it again having taken on the task of transforming a dilapidated cottage into a welcoming income property. Infusing the lakeside estate with rustic charm and elegant modern comforts, the Scottish lads have a ball as they create the ultimate rental retreat.  Can two Scottish gents create a cottage to rent? The pressure’s on!

Episode1 – ‘Own to Rent’

Colin and Justin are at it again. Yet, this time they are looking to purchase an investment cottage to rent out! They meet with Realtor Rob who shows them two properties – one that is huge with tons of acreage, and one that needs quite a bit of work. The boys spot a cottage that is being sold privately right on their own lake. They also spend time with a local agent who rents out cottage to learn what renters want. Can two Scottish gents create a cottage to rent? The pressure’s on!

Episode2 – ‘Jack…. and bill!’

It’s time to jack up the cottage and create a liveable downstairs space – perfect for renters. What’s not perfect is that the cost to do this is almost double! It seems that the cottage that the boys have chosen is on two levels – therefore doubling the cost. To get their minds off the cost, the boys focus on the design of their new deck…..even finding the time to recreate a ‘Flashdance’ routine.

Episode3 – ‘What the Truck’

New siding, roof, windows and deck – if that’s not enough to fill Colin and Justin’s plate….one of the boys decides to secretly purchase a truck, so that they can save money, doing their own dump runs and pick-ups. However, the car turns out to be a lemon, causing the boys nothing but aggravation. At one point, the truck even breaks down leaving the two Scots stranded on a country road. Will anything go right with this renovation?

Episode4 – ‘Manscaping’

The biggest fault with the cottage is that there was never a clear view to the lake. Colin and Justin’s cottage needs a Brazilian. The boys hire arborists and landscapers – the ‘manscaping’ has begun. In addition to outdoor walkways, pruning and fire pits, the boys set their designs on an amazing outdoor spa, complete with a hot tub and sauna…that they try to convince Randy’s crew to enter.

Episode5 – ‘Duelling Bedrooms’

Contractor Randy has a great idea – why not have Colin and Justin each design their own bedroom to save time and money. Colin’s room seems to be going swimmingly well; however, Justin’s room is nothing but trouble, due to a fireplace chimney that needs to come up through the floor. All of Justin’s stresses are all fun and games to Colin who has fun pushing all of his partner’s buttons. Justin is not a happy camper.

Episode6 – ‘DI Why?’

In order to save money, Colin and Justin become their own plumbers, learning how to install their own toilet! The boys take a crash course in toilet installation by visiting a local plumber who is installing a toilet for a sweet old lady. The boys continue the fun when they visit a local lady to learn how to make their own soap for their guest. Installing toilets and making soaps have never been this outrageous and Randy’s crew, especially the apprentice, are not amused.

Episode7 – ‘Keep them Guesting’

It’s time to create a beautiful master guest suite – complete with en-suite. But with water and electrical issues, the costs are anything but relaxing. Steve, the electrician points out that the electrical box not only has to be moved, but the entire cottage needs to be re-wired, costing the boys thousands of dollars! In addition, Randy informs the boys that all the drywall needs to be removed due to water damage – something that Colin thought they could save. So far, there are no restful nights in this room!

Episode8 – ‘You are the Sunroom of My Life’

Colin and Justin want a sunroom to increase the amount of space for their guests. However, with footings miscalculated and issues with beams and windows there are no sunny days here! The installation has proven to take much longer than the boys had scheduled and both time and money are running out! And, worse than that….their newly acquired swinging chair isn’t working out!

Episode9 – ‘It’s All About the Basement – No Trouble’

Colin and Justin start are putting a bathroom and laundry in the basement. Justin comes up with the brilliant idea that the boys can make extra money by having coin-operated washer and dryer. Colin thinks that this is a ridiculous idea. The boys go to a local Laundromat to research this cleaning business venture a bit more. Will Justin get his way with a coin-operated washer and dryer or is the entire idea just a complete ‘wash’.

Episode10 – ‘A Guest Down Under’

To accommodate more renters, Colin and Justin and putting a bedroom and living space downstairs – surrounded by cedar panelling, which is costly. To save money….DIY projects are the answer! The boys work on an amazing mirror made out of shims and Justin’s idea of a hanging wall piece is fine….until he decides to wash it! The boys travel to the local thrift store and find a cool vintage record player. They also find the time to have a 1980’s style workout with the locals.

Episode11 – ‘Take the Log Way Home’

Inspired by the country, Colin and Justin look to design a log-cabin feel Bunkie. They even visit and log cutting facility and are amazed at the entire process of how logs are converted into fittings for their own Bunkie. What does not amaze the boys, is how much water has filled into the foundation for their Bunkie and how the costs keep mounting before even one log is layed into position. Will the Bunkie be a bust?

Episode12 – ‘Life is a Banquette’

It’s time to design a kitchen that can accommodate 12 renters. With a custom built banquette, the boys create a kitchen to ‘dine’ for! First off, Colin Justin demolish the cabinetry, with Justin going crazy with the old panelling. Then, the boys get an amazing kitchen banquette bench deliver, made out of original barn board. The boys also decide put together their own kitchen cabinetry….which proves not to be the greatest of ideas!

Episode13 – ‘Living Room on a Prayer’

Colin and Justin design a living room perfect for renters, however, their fireplace hearth may not make it into the cottage! What was supposed to be a cost-saving DIY – using old boards and cement turns out to be a monster of a hearth. It is so huge and so heavy; can the boys and Randy’s crew even get this into the cottage?